Friday, May 07, 2021
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Photokiosk software

PhotoStation Professional version

PhotoStation Standard version

The GenieSTAR PhotoStation  kiosk software gives flexibility to customers who come in the store with different requests.    By one touch on the screen, the customer can select from printing photos, writing photos to CDs, and making ID Photos.

The software also comes with one multiple language pac that includes English, French, German,Italian,Spanish,Russian,Lithuanian traditional Chinese, and simplified Chinese.

For photo studio owners who prefer to use GenieSTAR PhotoStation in the lab, the software is also a very handy and fast tool. It is easy to configure the software into owner's mode so that the owner can access all folders in the hard drives and media readers. In addition, if you do not wish to use a touch-screen monitor or mouse to operate the software, an alternative would be to use hot-keys on the keyboard to conviniently and efficiently process customers' orders. These hot-keys have been highly praised by previous Photostation owners.
Based on business necessities and demands in your local area, you may choose from Professional version and Standard version. Please refer to the for differences between the two versions.


Differences in versions:

  • Professional software version lets to use all available futures.
  • Standard software version limits with only few features.

Supported input

You can use all available inputs:
CD/DVD;Media cards;USB devices.

Choosing language

Choosing service

Main preview window

  • Very simple interface.
  • Moving cropping frame in preview window.
  • Possibility to show/hide color corrections tools in preview window.
  • Several different formats for one photo.
  • Lot of frames,cards and calendars.
  • Text adding,illustrations adding,free cropping,converting to B/W or Sepia.
  • And much more...

Big preview window

Here customers can preview in big window(one photo per window) with color correction tools.

Free cropping window

Possibility to crop any part of image.

llustrations window

Customers can add illustartions to any part of image ,change size of illustrations and rotate them.

Card/Template window

In this window customer can add photo into frame or calendar.It is possible to choose from several categories.

Edit window

Here customer can convert photo to B/W or Sepia.

Text adding window

All possible font variations(size,color,bacground,type,rotation).Possibility to choose from text phrases.

Write to CD/DVD window

Here customer chooses photos for adding to CD/DVD and after directly writes to media.

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